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33874 rt-cpan-admin——2018年海关新政: cpan-questions new 2 days ago
33870 rt-cpan-admin 如何了解或挖掘大客户的需求 cpan-questions new 5 days ago
33855 allow charts to be ungrouped RT new 11 days ago
33851 Simple search with only "any" does not show all tickets RT new 13 days ago
33832 Admin->Queues needs UseSQLForACLChecks work. RT new 3 weeks ago
33827 "Proxy Error" when creating ticket cpan-questions new 3 weeks ago
33825 Sort search results by numerical/date customfields does not works / new numerical CF types RT new 3 weeks ago
33824 Totals in charting time summaries is not very useful RT new 3 weeks ago
33820 spam cpan-questions new 4 weeks ago
33813 Document ExternalAuth module dependencies RT open 4 weeks ago
33812 UserAutocreateDefaultsOnLogin or ExternalAuth docs misleading RT new 4 weeks ago
33810 sorry, i cant login via auth0 cpan-questions open 4 weeks ago
33809 HTML attachment text content is quoted in message box on "Reply" or "Comment" RT new 4 weeks ago
33804 suggestion for cpan-questions new 5 weeks ago
33799 Emails with +tags not escaped in 'lookup email' MakeClicky links RTIR new 5 weeks ago
33798 Quotes in a ticket subject cause syntax errors for link graph view RT new 5 weeks ago
33792 Patch to allow Custom FIelds Names to be translated RT new 6 weeks ago
33782 RT::EmailParser->ParseEmailAddress bug RT new 7 weeks ago
33772 RT 4.4.2 web UI bug: If an Admin account clicks on "All recipients", an email does not get sent to the ticket requester RT open 8 weeks ago
33763 bugs in version RT and RTIR, beta 1 version RT open 8 weeks ago

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